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Presented by Conscious Mind Records, Inc and Presideum, LLC

Friday November 2nd
At The B-Boy Spot
7033 Stapoint Ct, Winter Park, FL 32792
Doors open at 8:30p

MC Battles have been around since the beginning of Hip-hop, with major battles creating media storms throughout the nation. We are using this concept to create an MC challenge, NOT an MC Battle, in Central Florida. Hip-Hop’s Ultimate Challenge will showcase the talent of the artists and beat producers, without disrespecting their opponents and exploiting hate and discontent amongst the artists and their fans.

The challenge will feature 4 rounds, in which the artists will freestyle over unknown beats, by the producers also in the challenge. After each round, the judge’s will make their decision based on the artists’ delivery, and who stayed closer to the subject at hand. The judges will also choose a producer based on whose beat was hotter. The judge’s will explain their decision and choose the contestants to continue to the next round. Prizes will be given to the winner of the final round, with winners advancing to the Anniversary edition, for a chance to become the winner of the year.

Tickets: $8 online, $10 at the door, email for VIP

To enter the challenge or any other inquiry including Sponsorship send an email to:

Hip Hops Ultimate Challenge will be hosted by:
Jawaan Larue and Society's Poet

Judges are:
DJ Niecy-D

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and tweet it up: @HHUChallenge