2017 Tax Free Holiday in Orlando for Back to School Shopping August 4th-7th

Back-to-School shopping kicks into full gear at the beginning of August with the annual tax free holiday across Florida (click here for a complete list of tax-free items).  The tax exemption period that runs from Friday, August 4th, 2017 to Sunday, August 7th, 2017 eliminates both state and county taxes on clothing items under $60, school supply items under $15, and personal computers and accessories selling for $750 or less.

Back to School in Orlando 2017

To maximize your savings, plan ahead on the stores that you will visit and get coupons ready via stores’ websites and social media sites.

Store Coupons and Deals

For example, clothing coupons can be found on the Target website plus additional savings are sent to shoppers via the mobile coupon offer here.

Kohl’s offers a $5 savings pass on its website when you provide your email address.  Just about any store you can think of will reward you for providing some contact information.

Facebook Likes

More coupons can be found when you “like” the Facebook pages of your favorite merchant. Gap Brands frequently post deals on their Facebook pages. These sales are often not publicized and available only to consumers that mention them – so don’t forget to do so.

Ask for Discounts

Lastly, put a friendly smile on your face and ask the cashier if there are any additional savings or coupons available.  Stores are going to be anxious to reel in cosumers during this heavy spending season – the savings are out there and sometimes you just have to ask for them.

Happy Shopping!  And Saving!

Macy’s Back to School Commercial 2016




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