Horseback Riding and More in Orlando at Al-Marah Arabians in Clermont

Al-Marah Arabians
Al-Marah Arabians

When it comes to new attractions and experiences in Orlando, a current trend with Orlando attractions and theme parks is to offer premium experiences to small groups that last for a half or full day.

Al-Marah Arabians in Clermont is a new experience in Orlando that more than satisfies an equestrian desire of introducing horses and horseback riding to families.

Al-Marah Arabian Horses

On a large farm in Clermont, Florida, guest can spend a day at the horse farm of Al-Marah Arabians where they can spend the day taking a tour of the farm, cleaning, and then riding the horses that once were featured in the Arabian Nights dinner show that had it’s final performance in December 2013. The family of these horses has been together since the 1800’s and were owned by the same family both before the Arabian Nights show began and ended.

On a recent visit to Al-Marah Arabians, my family enjoyed a riding tour of the farm where we got to see the Arabian Horses interact together in a natural setting. We then were able to strap on our helmets for a horseback riding lesson, spend a few minutes cleaning, and then painting the horses with a final performance of the horse that is the current Pegasus at UCF Home Football games.

Horse Farm Tour

On our visit to Al-Marah, we got to spend about four hours total during all of the activities that they had planned for us. The first activity was taking a riding-tour of the horse farm where we were able to see both the adult horses and their foals (baby horses). See the video below of our experience:

Horseback Riding at Al-Marah

After our tour of the farm, our family got to spend a session horseback riding with one of the Al-Marah horses where we were able to do several exercises with the horse. Although our session was geared towards first-time riders and families, Al-Marah also has sessions geared towards experienced riders (see video below):

Paint the Pony (Horse) and Clean the Horse

Leftover from a premium experience at the former Arabian Nights dinner show, children are able to spend some time physically painting one of the white Arabian Horses that is the perfect canvas to paint on. This seems like a strange activity to have but it was a big hit with my children. They spend much of their time coloring and painting at home of objects like horses and other animals and this time they were able to do their painting on an actual horse. This is probably the only farm where this is even an activity. In addition to painting, we were able to clean the horse and watch a routine by UCF’s Pegasus (see video below):

Al-Marah is Orlando’s Best Equestrian Attraction

We had a great overall time during our visit at Al-Marah Arabians that we believe is a one-of-a-kind type experience in Orlando and the only equestrian type experience of it’s kind in the area. After returning home from Al-Marah, my wife and I shared our photos and experiences with our friends and recommended it as a great place for families living in Orlando to do together in addition to tourists looking for something fun and new to do in Orlando. The Orlando Eye has been getting a lot of press as being the best new attraction in Orlando in 2015 but we think we found it out in the hills of Clermont at Al-Marah Arabians instead.

Al-Marah Arabians Prices

Pricing for the Interactive Horse Experience is $195 for the 1st participant and $95 for every additional participant up to six people.

Click Here to visit the official website of Al-Marah Arabians for more information and to reserve your day with the horses.

Disclosure: We were invited to Al-Marah Arabians as a guest as part of a media preview but the opinions expressed here are my own.

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