Update: The Orange County Holiday Heroes Toy Drive exceeded it’s goal expectations for 2014 collecting 4,655 toys after collecting 3,850 toys in 2013 and more than 2,600 toys in 2012. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs states, “My heart is so touched by those who have collected so many toys for our neighbors inRead More →

I attended a meeting at our elementary school this week that provided explanations of the state-mandated tests mentioned in this article on the Washington Post detailing the lament of a Florida school teacher with the amount of testing going on in our schools. I left the meeting with an understandingRead More →

Aging water systems can threaten water quality Age is rarely kind to community infrastructure such as roads, bridges and sewer systems. Even relatively new water treatment facilities are struggling to keep up with population growth, tighter pollution restrictions and increased water runoff secondary to development. Cities and towns are strugglingRead More →

Know your rights before renting an apartment The decision about whether to rent an apartment or buy a home is complicated, because each offers different advantages. Apartment life is convenient and flexible; buying a home provides stability and is typically seen as a good investment. If you are moving toRead More →

Well now I have another reason to renew my UCF Season Football tickets this year. I have a good feeling that we will be seeing some Harlem Shaking along with Zombie Nation in 2013. Here is our compilation of Orlando Video’s doing the Harlem Shake. Post a comment if youRead More →

Downtown Orlando is a great place to visit, from it’s upscale dining and steakhouses, movie theater, the new Amway Center, and Lake Eola. It’s also becoming a great place to live as scores of new residents take over the downtown condo’s that have sprouted up the last few years.  Also,Read More →