Jobs Partnership of Florida Changing Lives and Getting People Back to Work in Orlando

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Many of the students who come to Jobs Partnership of Florida are living in a state of poverty, poverty of the soul. Jobs Partnership believes that the answer to employment issues starts with a spiritual transformation.

Jobs Partnership of Florida

During a 12 week training program, the students in Jobs Partnership receive over 50 hours of in-depth instruction in life and work skills, including Biblical concepts related to Relationships, God and Work, Authority, Attitude, Integrity, Communication, Conflict, Stewardship, and Excellence. At the same time they also receive practical instructions on Skills and Abilities, Career Objectives, Professional Resume, Job Searching, Interviewing and Beyond, Dress for Success, Putting Others’ Needs First, Time Management, and Money Management.

12 Week Training Course

The comprehensive 12 weeks of training in life and work skills prepare the students so that they will be more likely to succeed in the workplace. The graduates of Jobs Partnership have a much higher chance of succeeding, staying on the job and advancing, than their untrained peers. The benefits to the business community are enormous in savings on recruiting and training costs. They receive workers who are prepared, at no cost to them, to be successful in the workplace, reducing the risk of bad hires, and having to recruit and retrain again.

Community Benefits of the Jobs Partnership of Florida

At the same time the community benefits because citizens who previously were unemployed, or underemployed, many on welfare, now are able to provide for themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty that traps so many of our neighbors. Literally the entire families of the students in jobs partnership are benefited through Jobs Partnership.


In addition to the benefits received by the students, employers and the community, there is yet another group that benefits. To put on a class for 35 students at least 70 or more volunteers are required. Recruited through participating churches, these volunteers give of their time and talents to mentor and counsel the Jobs Partnership students. In return the volunteers receive the blessing of serving others. There is no way to measure that blessing, but to a person the volunteers attest to how much they receive while they’re giving.

Over 1,000 students have passed through Jobs Partnership of Florida in the past 10 years. That translates into multiple hundreds of lives that have been benefited and changed by Jobs Partnership. This is truly a win-win for the students, employers, community, churches and volunteers.

The website for Jobs Partnership is Check it out to see videos on success stories about former students and other related information and to find out on how to get involved.

Jobs Partnership of Florida