Finding Nemo’s Reef and Spring-a-Leak Splash Pads on the Disney Dream Cruise and Castaway Cay Private Island

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With Disney’s newest cruise ships cruising out of Port Canaveral, there are places on board for your infants and toddlers to splash around outside of the pools and water slides that are designed for older kids and adults. On board the Disney Dream Cruise ship is Nemo’s Reef Splash Pad. On land at Disney’s private island of Castaway Cay is the Spring-a-Leak Splash Pad.

Nemo’s Reef on the Disney Dream

If you are not familiar with what a splash pad is, these new water attractions are very mild and geared towards infants and toddlers that have a blast splashing around in water that drains right away into the ground that is soft and cushiony so that arms and legs do not get scratched up.

The Nemo’s Reef splash pad on the Disney Dream is on the main deck with the rest of the swimming pools and water slides but is within an enclosed area on the ship in the shade so that the little ones do not get any unnecessary sun. Dory from Finding Nemo has a continuous water stream coming out of her mouth whereas the pufferfish character by the name of “Bloat” has water coming out of all sides of his body (see picture above). My 9 month old had a great time crawling around Nemo’s Reef and my 3 1/2 year old had a great time going on the Mr. Ray’s mini water slide over and over again where children can slide down one of the spotted eagle ray‘s fins (see video below).

Nemo’s Reef Video

Spring-A-Leak Splah Pad at Castaway Cay

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The itinerary for our Disney Cruise had us stop at Disney’s Castaway Cay private island twice within the trip, once on the way to Nassau in the Bahamas and a second time on the way back. In addition to the beautiful beach and water activities on Castaway Cay, the island also recently added a splash pad to the island called Spring-A-Leak that consists mainly of fountains squirting water up from the ground (see picture above). There are several splash pads around the Orlando area that we frequently attend during the hot summer months but here we were on our vacation in the Bahama’s spending time at Disney’s splash pad and our kids loved it. See the video below of Castaway Cay with a segment dedicated to the Spring-a-Leak splash pad.

Castaway Cay Video including Spring-A-Leak

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