2012 Muppet and Puppet Art Show Showcases Jim Henson’s Favorite Characters at the Renegade Theater

The Third Annual Puppet Art Show will be returning to Orlando at the Renegade Theater on Friday, October 19th through Sunday, October 21st, 2012Benjamin Sawinski and several other artists will be celebrating Jim Henson’s favorite characters at the show with new animatronics in addition to the puppets, muppets, and art show.

3rd Annual Puppet Art Show

The Puppet Art Show will take place on Friday and Saturday from 6pm until midnight and 5pm until 9:30pm on Sunday and will feature all kinds of puppets including pieces related to the Muppets. Price of admission is $5 for adults and children get in free.

Presenting artists Benjamin Sawinski goes on to describe his enthusiasm for the art show as:

I personally am extremely excited to have the ability to put on such a show with the support of so many groups and artists. Its just a fun show that everyone can enjoy. Every person has a connection to a puppet of some sort. Every artist I talk to has at least one that they want to paint. Ibex puppetry and Heather Henson came through and helped us out a ton with this show in many ways.  They really are the kind of people you want on you side when doing something of this nature.

The show will be a very diverse mix of styles and interpretations. We did a smaller show back in April (2011) and were amazed with the turn out and support. Just goes to show that everyone still holds a strong bond to their childhood memories. Memories we all share together, no matter what your age.

Click Hereto visit the official website of the event and for a list of all participating artists. The Renegade Theater is located at 1824 W. Washington Ave, Orlando FL 3280 (see map below)

In addition to the Muppet Gallery, Sawinski also promotes several other gallery shows throughout the year that can be found here.

The Muppet Art Show

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