Disney World Removes “Push” the Talking Trash-Can from the Magic Kingdom and Message Boards Overreact

© Orlando Local Guide
© Orlando Local Guide

The Orlando Sentinel recently reported that Disney World has retired their talking trash-can attraction called “Push” at the Magic Kingdom and fans of the attraction on the WDWMagic message boards and elsewhere have overreacted to the news by stating that this is a sign of a great decline of great experiences at Disney World.

One member of the message boards compares “Push” to Space Mountain by stating, “He’s one of the best attractions in Tomorrowland. That would make no sense.”

We enjoy a talking trash-can as much as the next guy but quickly got over the news of his retirement. For fans of talking trash-cans, you can still experience the joy of having a trash-can talk to you for the price of a happy meal at the McDonald’s at Lee Vista and Narcoossee Road (see video below) where we found their own talking trash-can that your children can interact with until their hearts are content. You’re welcome Orlando!

McDonald’s Talking Trash Can

Lee Vista McDonald’s Map