Why Blake Bortles Should Return to UCF for his Senior Year

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Updated: January 6th, 2014 – Blake Bortles has decided to forgo his senior year at UCF to enter the NFL Draft. Thank you Blake for the most unbelievable season in UCF history. Represent UCF well in the NFL and best of luck to you! Best wishes to starting running back Storm Johnson as well in the NFL!

We also hope to see an NFL team give Jeff Godfrey a chance at the next level as an overall athlete as Godfrey led us to a bowl game victory as a freshman quarterback against Georgia and as a wide receiver against Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl. Go Knights!

Below is our original article:

It has been well documented already why Blake Bortles should head to the NFL. Here are a few reasons he should return to UCF for his senior year:

  • If both Bortles and Johnson get together and decide to stay one more year, the Knights should now be in the position to make a case that they should be in the college football playoffs next year if they win their out-of-conference games of Penn State, Mizzou, and BYU and win-out in the AAC. The Fiesta Bowl win this year will place UCF in the top 15 at the beginning of the season with Bortles and Johnson returning.
  • Bortles flew under the radar nationally until the very end of the season. If he returns next year, he will get the headlines similar to what Manziel and Bridgewater got this year on ESPN and the other networks that he will miss out on if he goes pro. Bortles will finally get the attention he deserves.
  • Bortles is now the Big Man on Campus at UCF and will have pretty much the entire team he had this year with him to go out with a bang. You only get to have that college experience once in your life and coming back for his senior year will be a lot more fun than being a rookie in the NFL. Money isn’t everything.
  • He will get his degree from UCF that will payoff for him when his playing days are over.
  • Whatever the coaching staff at UCF is teaching him is working. Another year will only help him to become a better player.
  • Bortles doesn’t owe anything else to UCF but the school did give him his shot at quarterback when all of the other division-1 schools passed on him. He is going to be a rich man one day because of the UCF coaching staff believing in him and coming back for his senior year will be a great way to repay the favor.

Disclaimer that this article was written from a purely selfish standpoint from a long-time UCF season ticket holder and fan. Go Knights!

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