Parking Garage Application

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Downtown Orlando has a new IPhone Application that can be used to locate a parking garage in downtown Orlando. The free application shows images of the parking garages and can be sorted by price. On nights of the Magic games, it will be common for some of the parking garages to increase in price as you get closer to the arena with some of the closest parking garages charging $20 to park. Hey, they have to pay for that new arena somehow! Once you find the garage and the price that you want to pay, you can then view that parking garage in google maps.

In the first release, the application does not use the GPS capabilities to give you directions to the garage and it also does not tell you which garages are full and which ones are open.

Click Here for information about the Iphone application from the downtown Orlando website.

Click Here to visit Apple’s Itune store to view more screen shots and download the free application.