Darth Vader Gets a Lifetime Pass to Disney World as Disney Buys Lucasfilm that Includes the Star Wars Franchise

After checking out Disneyland in California a year ago (see video below), Darth Vader must have told the Skywalker’s about it and Disney has rewarded him with a lifetime pass to the parks as Disney announced the purchase of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars Franchise today for $4 Billion dollars that will reunite the company created by George Lucas with the Pixar Studio also recently purchased by Disney.

This deal comes after Disney bought out Marvel Studios in 2009, Pixar Studios in 2006, and the Jim Henson’s Muppet franchise in 2004. Disney World already celebrates the Star Wars franchise with their annual Star Wars Weekends each year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This opens up the door for many more opportunities to this very lucrative franchise. In addition, Lucasfilm also includes the Indiana Jones franchise also at Hollywood Studios.

Check out this video of Darth Vader at Disneyland that has well over 2 million views after it was released in June 2011:

Darth Vader at Disneyland

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Map

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