Kings Bowl Orlando is a Great Place for Married Couples to Spend Time with Their Single Friends on International Drive

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There comes a point in everyone’s lives, between their mid 20’s and mid 30’s, where individuals enter that transition period with their friends and future spouses when the weekly bar crawl in Downtown Orlando is traded-in for Pampered Chef parties on a monthly basis. It’s the period where married couples just aren’t as fond of the bar scene anymore that their single friends are still participating in on a weekly basis.

There is that separation-period where you still want to go out with your friends but drinking, dancing, and flirting just are no longer in the cards. The new Kings Bowl Orlando on International Drive is a happy-medium for newlyweds and their single friends to get together for a good time out where the focus can be on the activity of bowling or billiards and not on who is going to buy you the next drink.

Kings Bowl Orlando

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To be perfectly clear, Kings Bowl on I-Drive is an upscale bar and restaurant space that happens to have a bowling alley and is not a bowling alley that just happens to have some food. You could bring a date here and have a good time and we are sure that there will be some match-making going on as well. However, we really looked at the space as a great place to take friends of ours who may not be married and have a great time within an environment that they are already used to with an atmosphere that we would be comfortable in as well.

Kings Bowl Orlando is for International Drive what the new Splitsville is for Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) at Disney World. Both bars and bowling alleys represent a shift from a bar being only a bar and a bowling alley being only a place for bowling leagues and children on a Friday or Saturday night. To be sure, Kings Bowl Orlando is for adults 21 and up only over after 6 pm each night (the more traditional World Bowling Center bowling alley is available for families at night a few blocks away). See our media preview in the video below.

Kings Bowl Orlando Media Preview

Kings Bowl Orlando Features

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In addition to the 22 bowling alleys, Kings Bowl has 4 full-size billiard tables, a regulation size outdoor Bocce ball court, a regulation shuffleboard table, and over 60 HDTV’s and projection screens.

The food and drinks are what you would expect with any upscale nightclub or bar that you would visit with a unique-to-Orlando beer-tap table where you can pour your beer on-demand similar to how you can get your own wine at the The Wine Room in Winter Park (but in this case with beer). See the video demonstration of the beer-tap table below.

Kings Bowl Beer Tap Table

Kings Bowl in Orlando

Overall, Kings Bowl is a great new addition to International Drive and to the city of Orlando. It is a great place that you could really bring anyone to and we could also see this as a great venue for the fraternities and sororities at UCF to hold one of their socials at and have a great time. The bar area is spacious with a lot of tables and great food prepared with pride.

Click here to visit the official website for King’s Bowl Orlando for more information and for  bowling rates.

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